There are no uniform religions on Tenov, primarily because there is little contact between nations with the exception of the Corvidae. Most religions are confined to a region, with some regions having multiple prominent religions.

Elementra Edit

Many on the Holaki islands worship the Gods of the elements, with a particular devotion to Korang, God of Water. This religion has many believers on the islands, and, while not prominent elsewhere, has reached nearly all the corners of the globe.

This religion has gained traction due to the fact that magic amulets are based on the elements.


This religion is found mostly in Ketawri, and is found in a number of the tribes which travel the region. It is not a particularly structured religion, but focuses on balancing between the past and the future, and a particular belief is that the past should inform the future, and that one should always be working towards making the future better for oneself and others. The idea isn't to go without today but to ensure that you have something for tomorrow. This idea and the life one leads if they follow it s known as 'the path to kreta'.