Geography Edit

Holaki Islands

The Holaki islands are some of the oldest landforms on Tenov. Estimates suggest there are between twenty five to fifty islands in the area. Multiple species live on the islands, trading and exploring using mainly outrigger canoes and byblos. Though there is no central kingdom, the area is monitored by the Corilla kings, who each rule a large island. The peoples of the area are diverse, with many of the birdlike people trading on a regular basis.

Religion Edit

Many on the Holaki islands worship the Gods of the elements, with a particular devotion to Korang, God of Water.

Society Edit

One of the most notable members of the Islands diverse society are the Satori. These magnificent and highly intelligent birds nest on the islands. When they nest, all other species tread carefully. Satori are highly territorial when nesting. This time of year brings a lot to the economy of the City-States of the Holaki Islands.

The economy rests on food and goods produced within the islands, with fairly rare instances when metal is imported. The only uses of metal at this time are for cooking materials and weapons, as the wood of the palm and Rolla tree are used for most else.

Magic Edit

Magic is very limited in this area, with only a few people owning amulets of power, mostly for water.

Flora Edit

Flora in the Holaki islands are diverse by nature, with over twenty different types of flora. Due to being in the center of the regions, the area is a melting pot, containing some of all the species on Tenov.

Palm Tree Edit

The palm tree is a staple of the Islands economy. They are one of the few plants that are on every island in the region, most likely due to the kind of seed. They are extremely important, due to the fact that they produce items such as coconut products, oils, dates, palm syrup, ivory nuts, carnauba wax, rattan cane, raffia, and palm wood.

Giant Salmon Edit

The giant salmon is a megafauna. It is approximately 3 meters long and feed primarily on plants, though it has been known to deviate from that occasionally. The catch of a giant salmon can feed a fisherman's family for weeks, and the catch of one is cause for large celebration.