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Areikanar, a continent to the northwest of the Holaki Islands, is incredibly diverse, stretching from near the equator to well into the arctic circle. It includes several mountain ranges, deserts, forests, jungles, marshes, and tundras, sporting the greatest variety on the planet. However, this continent is also one of the least hospitable; due to it being on top of no less than five separate tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanic activity are very common.

Flora Edit

The jungles of this region are not as diverse as the jungles of Akalani, however, they do contain several notable species, especially trees.

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Awainus Tree Edit

The Awainus tree is small, typically growing to less than half a meter wide and 3-4 meters tall. However, it is one of the more important trees for the natives of Areikanar, as it secrets a liquid in the form of sap that, when dried, gives a watertight seal. It can also be easily used to create light tools and other common items, because after drying, it becomes a light, rigid material close to wood, but far more durable.

Cheam Edit

This monolith of the forests grows incredibly slowly; it has the longest lifespan of any living thing on Tenov, the eldest tree closing in on a millennium. They grow tall, though not as tall as the Aoni tree of Akalani, they reach a typical height of 100-110 meters. They stand with a base almost 35 meters wide. The trees are close to indestructible, because of the bark, which is made of stone, as well as the steel infused into the wood itself.

Shrubs Edit

Trava Shrub Edit

This small bush tend to be less than three feet tall. It is one of the worst weeds in Areikanar, as its magical nature allows it to grow literally overnight. Its leaves are highly toxic, and because it's so easy to find, soldiers typically use a salve made from them to apply to their weapons daily.

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Non-Sapient Edit

Krythas Edit

Krythas are small, mouse-like rodents that are about three inches long, with small rabbit's tails. They come in various shades of gray, typically, but occasionally come in dark red or maroon. They are exceedingly rare; they are used as a sign of great danger. One usually means the person that sees it is in immediate peril, and in rare circumstances, entire swarms appear, meaning something terrible for the entire region is about to happen. There have been six recorded times when a Krytha has bonded to a human; in such an event, a cataclysmic event is about to happen. The person bonded to the Krytha gains 3-5 powers; The strongest known are near invincibility, invisibility, limited omniscience, sight of the future a few seconds in advance, and teleportation. The weaker abilities range from healing minor wounds to telekinesis. While bonded, Krytha seem to become sapient and incredibly intelligent.

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